OUR POLICIES We love British cars, and their owners! We love to discuss British cars at meets, shows, and driving events! We thank you for respecting our changes, and we look forward to continuing the passion for keeping classic British cars on the road! Our business is to repair and maintain British cars for drivability, and with a very small staff, we must get as much done during the work week as possible. With that understanding, BMC has these shop policies: Labor Rate: $115 per hour. We ask for a deposit at the beginning of all projects Hours: Wednesday through Sunday, we are open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and CLOSED MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS. We have adopted these hours to accommodate customers who want to participate in their repair and restoration process on weekend days Contacting us: If you have questions, LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE SHOP PHONE VOICEMAIL, SEND A TEXT, OR EMAIL US. Someone will respond within 24 hours. WITHOUT A MESSAGE, WE WILL NOT RESPOND. Parts Purchases: We now only order parts for cars on which we are currently working. We will sell parts from our existing inventory across the counter at list price. Leave a message or email with inquiries. Parts must be picked up within 14 days or they will be returned to inventory. New Customers: Any new car to our shop will receive a thorough inspection (+/- 3 hours, $300) to determine a baseline understanding of the health of the car. The customer is welcome during the process and will receive a written inspection report of the findings. There is no obligation to have us perform any of the work recommended. Please do not drop in without pre-arrangement. We are planning regular Open House days to ogle, yammer, laugh, and catch up with our wonderful customers!
Of course, if you want to talk cars with Chad, you can invite him out for beers and/or meals anytime! BRITISH MOTOR CARE

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